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Fire HDX 7

I'm considering buying one of these, but I have a few questions.

How is the battery life?
How is the Mac compatibility?
How is the browser for things like youtube, facebook, and LJ?
Is there a good lite wordprocessing/notes app?
What's the best keyboard?


New Kindles

Really one new Kindle and some refreshes.

A new flagship e-ink, called the Kindle Voyage.  It has optional sensors on each side of the device that can be used for turning pages, an optional auto-light sensor, 4 gb of space (which translates to about 3 gb for users), and it's a little bit smaller and lighter.

The Paperwhite is getting an upgrade to 4 gb of space (up from two), and the entry-level $79 Kindle now includes touch.
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Kindle Collection organization

Hello friends! I hope this post is appropriate for the front page.

I've had a Kindle since 2011 and it's revolutionized the way I read fanfic (and how much of it I consume). Back then, I had a Kindle 3 Keyboard and organized all of my fic via Calibre and the Collections function. However, after a big push in the initial upload and organization, I would then download a fic (one-off) from AO3 and send it straight to my Kindle. I'd still add the fic to its organizational collection on the Kindle, but it wouldn't go through Calibre anymore.

Years pass this way and, as all tech will do, my Kindle 3 started its death spiral and I found myself the owner of a Kindle Touch with Special Offers. I don't miss the keyboard as much as I miss the directional buttons (I live in a very cold climate where touching things without gloves is impractical). But the biggest problem now is my collections. I find myself frustrated because some of my fic is with Calibre and some of it is with Amazon through my personal documents. With Amazon, I have to download everything one by one, and then it doesn't come stored in it's collection. Further, now that the Amazon Kindle app has added collections, I don't see the newly created collections that I made on my Kindle Touch on my Kindle app.

So, to my question: Is there an easy way to organize my collections so that I can restore my Kindle should it fail again? I often download a fic on my smartphone while I'm out, and then email it to myself. If Calibre is the ultimate answer, is there a mobile way to involve Calibre in the organizational process?

Great Downloader!

Hi all! New member here. Just introducing myself. I have a Kindle Fire HD that is a year and a half old. I pretty much love everything about it, except maybe the fact that I can't organize my files on the Kindle or in the cloud. This really is something Amazon should address at some point.

I read tons of fanfic and load it all onto my Kindle. Since decided to not accomodate people who want to read fic on their devices and changed their coding to prevent downloading and the copy/paste option, I had pretty much stopped going to I know you can still do the 'copy the whole page' thing, but that wasn't working for me, since I prefer long fics with multiple chapters. Someone turned me on to an online downloader that works beautifully at Most of you may know it, but for those who don't it's called Story Master and it will not only download fics from numerous sites in whatever format you want (epub, mobi, pdf...etc), but it will also send it straight to your Kindle without you having to load it onto your computer first and email to Kindle. You would need to add the Story Master email addy to approved addys on your Amazon Kindle account, but after I did that I've been able to put dozens of fics from on the Kindle.

Just thought I'd mention it for anyone who is not aware of it. I still use Calibre when I have to and AO3 is awesome because they convert to several formats. I don't think I've read a fic over 1000 words on my computer since getting my Kindle. Best thing ever invented.
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Help - transferring AO3 mobis to Kindle Paperwhite.

Okay, this is probably a long shot, but maybe someone is having similar problems and knows how to fix it?

Recently, any .mobi files I've downloaded from AO3 are not transferring properly to my Kindle Paperwhite. I've tried redownloading the file from the internet (to make sure it's not somehow corrupted). I've tried both emailing the 'personal document' to my send-to-kindle address and directly hooking my Kindle to my comp and dragging/dropping the file into the documents folder of the Kindle folder. I've tried turning my Kindle on/off.

The mobi file will appear on my Kindle reading list but when I go to click it, it gives me this message:

"Unable to Open Item - The selected item could not be opened. If you purchased this item from Amazon, delete the item and download it again from the Cloud on Home."

The mobi files in question are all under 1 MB so size isn't an issue here.

Please help if you can - I'm desperate! Thanks.
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Recommendations, please!

My K3 is dying! The battery won't hold a charge and even after being plugged in all night it still shows the empty battery screen.  I try rebooting/restarting it and 99% of the time, the empty battery screen returns.  On the rare occasion it reboots successfully and I'm able to access my content, the battery indicator shows a minimal charge.

Should I even bother ordering a replacement battery & trying to change it out or just pitch it and get a new kindle?  If I go the route of getting a new kindle which one would you recommend?  K4 or Paperwhite and why?

I can't find any info on if either the K4 of Paperwhite offer the ability to put items into "collections" (I read a lot of fanfic on my kindle so it's kinda a must) and I have to be able to password protect it to keep prying eyes out.


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Kindle Image Preferences

Hey all, I recently published an eBook with color images in it (see my page if interested), and I have a couple of questions for eBook readers:

1. I oriented maps sideways so they would fit the screen better and figured you can always physically turn the screen. Whether you zoom in or not, I figure this makes it easier to view, but I wondered if you all agree (one friend is annoyed by it, and anyone reading on a computer has to rotate the image or view).

2. I know the paperwhite and the glowlight have great battery life and are easier on the eyes, but I feel that sacrificing color is too great a sacrifice. What do you think, and also how long do you figure before we have paperwhite versions WITH color?
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Hi All

Robin Leigh Morgan here, I'm a new member to Live Journal as I've just found out about it. This naturally makes me a NewBie member to this group; so please excuse my ignorance here about how things are done as I'm still getting my feet wet. This is one of the groups I've join which coincides with my writing.

I'm a retired NYCity employee who's been married for 20 years [November 2013] with no children. My written commentaries for a community newspaper for several years prior to June 2006. My first romance writing endeavor for a novel is a YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss entitled "I Kissed a Ghost" which got self-published on December 20, 2012, the KINDLE addition got released on May 12, 2013. I'm currently writing a still untitled adult Contemporary with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline.

As I'm a newcomer to this community as well as to LiveJournal I'm looking to make some friends here.

Please check out my journal.