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For Fannish Users of Amazon's Kindle

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A community for fannish users of the Kindle ebook reader.
This is an open community for fannish users of Amazon's Kindle. Share tips, resources and ideas for using the Kindle fannishly and otherwise.

If you're not from the fan community and found us through a search or shared interests, that's great -- you're more than welcome to talk about the Kindle with us. In return we ask that you respect our fannish focus and interests.

The rules are simple -- please use your common sense and be considerate. Images should go under cut tags, try to tag your posts (if you can't, it's ok, the mod will) and please treat each other with respect. Please do not lock your posts absent a compelling reason. This community's policy is to be as open as possible.

(Please -- no "for sale" posts without checking with the mod. Joining this community for the sole purpose of selling stuff is discouraged.)